Find Craft Beers in Lubbock, TX

Turn to Downtown Social LBK for beers and cocktails

Are you searching for delicious craft beers and cocktails in Lubbock, TX? Downtown Social LBK has what you need. We serve cold craft beers and high-end spirits at our upscale bar. Our bartenders will make your drink exactly the way you like it.

Don’t settle for store-bought beer. Our beer selection comes from all the brands you love and some you’ll soon love. Our high-end cocktails will make you wonder why you ever chose to drink anywhere else. Come by today to rediscover your old favorites.

3 reasons to drink with us

3 reasons to drink with us

Downtown Social LBK is a top choice for cocktails and craft beers in Lubbock, TX. Drink with us to:

  1. Expand your beer and cocktail palate
  2. Bond with old friends and make new ones
  3. Relax after a long week at work

Everyone will find something to love from our drink menu. Visit us now to browse our craft beer and cocktail selections.